Loksabha Speakers

The Speaker is the presiding officer of the lower house of Parliament of India. His/her role is similar to that of Speakers elsewhere in other countries that use theWestminster system of government.
The speaker is elected in the very first meeting of the Lok Sabha after the General elections for a term of 5 years from amongst the members of the Lok Sabha. He/she is supposed to resign from his/her original party because as a speaker, he/she has to remain impartial. .
Powers and functions of the Speaker.
The Speaker presides over the sessions of the Lok Sabha and conducts the business in the house. He/she decides whether a bill is a money bill or a non money bill. He/she maintains discipline and decorum in the house and can punish a member for their unruly behaviour by suspending them. He/she permits the moving of various kinds of motions and resolutions like the motion of no confidence, motion of adjournment, motion of censure and calling attention notice as per the rules. The Speaker decides on the agenda to be taken up for discussion during the meeting. The date of election of speaker is fixed by the President