Ernakulam Bar Association


The Ernakulam Bar Association was formed on 16.07.1910 (32.12.1085ME) and it s memorandum of association and byelaws were registered on 19.07.1913 (04.12.1088 ME) . IT started functioning at the Rama Varma Union Club now know as Rama Varma Club. The present premises having an area of 83.5 cents was given as grant by the government of His Highness Shri.Rama Varma, the King of Kochi State represented by the Diwan Peishkar. This was in recognition of the high caliber of its members. Ernakulam Bar Association is proud to state that this is the only Bar Association having is own premises. At that time there was only the Anchu Kaimal District Court of Ernakulam functioning in the present lower court complex. After that it become the Cochin Chief Court. This continued till the High Court of Cochin was inaugurated in the year 1938

In 1948 the Travamcore – Cochin High Court was formed and our members like P.K.Subramonia Iyer, P.D.Nanda Menon were elevated as Judges of the Tranvacore – Cochin High Court.

The Kerala High Court started functioning in the year 1952. Till that time the Ernakulam Bar Association was the main association of lawyers in and around ERnakulam. After the formation of the Kerala High Court, many of our members have been elevated to the Bench. To cite a few Shri. M.S. Menon, K.T.Koshy, Kum.P.Janaki Amma, T.Chandrashekara Menon became judges of Kerala High Court. Now Justice Pias K.Kuriakose, Justice P.S.Gopinathan,Justice Joseph Francis, Justice Ramachandra Menon, Justice Abdul Rahim, Justice Surendra Mohan, Justice Ravikumar where were members of Ernakulam Bar Association are sitting judges of the Kerala High Court.

Many reputed and renowned officers of the Cochin Judicial Services belonged to the Ernakulam Bar Association during Yester years. Shri. T.S.Narayanan Iyer , P.I.Varghese, Karimpat Achutha Menon, T.A.Anatarama Iyer, T.M.Krishnana Menon, K.P.Kannan Nair, Komattil Achutha Menon, V.D.Ouseph, Neelakanda Menon, Thamas Manjooran etc. were judges of the Cochin Chief Court.

We are proud to state that many legal luminaries of yester years were members of Ernakulam Bar Association. Legendary criminal lawyers like M.Bhaskara Membon, Aravinadaksha Menon, T.V.Prabhakaran, M.n.Sukumarn Nari were members of Ernakulam Bar Association. Kike wise top class civil lawyers like Vylopilly Prameshwara Menon, Vdakoot Narayana Menon, Appukuttan Menon, A.S.Krishan Iyer, Mahalings Iyer, T.S.Venkiteswara Iyer, M.K.Narayana Menon, T.R.Ayappan, M.Kumaran, Siva Sankara Panickker , P.F.Thomas , Pathrose, R.C.Palappally, C.K.Aravidaksha Menon, Prathapan P.P., Joseph Kattikaran etc.

Designated senior advocates of the Kerala High Court who are and were members of tour association are Shri.K.P.Dhandapani, Mohammed Youseff T.M., Parameswara Panicker P.G., Rajendran Nair M.R., Ramumar K., R.D.Shenoi, M.C.Sen, Shafique A.M., Sumathi Dandapani, P.Jacob Varghese who is the Chairman of the centenaray celebrations committee. We have conferred Honorary Membership of Hon’ble Justice Padmavibhushan. Shri. V.R.Krishna Iyer, Former Advocate General, K.K.Damodaran, Advocate General. Sudhakara Prasad C.P., Govindh K. Bharathan, Nandakumara Menon, Sugunapalan N.N., Mathai M. Paikaday etc.

The integration of Travanore- Cochin was first welcomed by the Ernakulam Bar Association. In the present scenario of demand to set up a bench of the Kerala High Court at Thiruvanathapuram, it is to be remembered that when a concerted attempt was made to go back from the decision to locate the Kerala High Court at Ernakulam, the Ernakulam Bar Association fought it tooth and nail and saw to it that the High Court is established here at Kochi.

In all matters in the implementation of legislations and administration of justice the considered opinion of the Ernakulam Bar Association was taken and accepted by the Government of Cochin State as a reputed association in the fields of judicial services, legal education and legal profession are immeasurable.

Recently in 2002, the Chief Justice of India Shri. K.G.Balakrishnan laid the foundation stone for the new District Court Complex at the place where the Government press stood. After that there was a concerted attempt by some bureaucrats to shift the District Court Complex to Kakkanad. Ernakulam Bar Association took up the matter and opposed it tooth and nail and was successful in pressurizing the government to start the construction at the Government Press site itself. Now the construction is going on in full strength.

At present the Ernakulam Bar Association has a membership of around 1300 members. Almost 90% of our members are also members of the High Court Bar Association. The present members are guided by the tradition and glory of the past. The cardinal principles of the legal profession that the lawyers should be the guardians of the rights and liberties of the people is the guiding principle of our members.

The legal profession in India has gained in importance and the judiciary is the cynosure of all eyes. To raise the standard of the legal professions and of our members we constantly hold seminars, workshops, coaching classes with a view to uphold the high intellectual and ethical standards of the members so as to help them to carry on the noble tradition of the legal profession successfully. Association is always vigilant in the welfare of the members . Many welfare planning to renovate the existing building without sacrificing its beauty, tradition and heritage. We were able to raise a building fund of Rs.6 lakhs through the concerted efforts of our members. We have already demolished a portion of the old building and is in the process of renovating the existing building without sacrificing its beauty, tradition and heritage.

The centenary celebration was inaugurated by the Chief Justice of Kerala, Hon’ble Justice Chelameswar on the 8th of April 2010 at 5.00 pm. Minister S.Sharma, minister of Fisheries ,Kerala State and Shri.P.J.Joseph, Minister of PWD also graced the occasion. The key note address was delivered by Padvavibhushan Hon’ble Justice Shri. V.R.Krishna Iyer. The Mayor of Kochi, Smt. Mercy Williams was also be present along with Dominic Presentation MLA, P.Rajeev M.P, Hon’ble Justice C.N.Ramachandran Nair etc.

As part of the centenary celebrations we intend to conduct wide and extensive programme like seminars, symposiums Adalat, classes for aspiring judges. which will be led by legal luminaries and jurists. We also conducted public functions, cultural competitions, inter Bar sports meet etc.

The centenary celebrations valedictory function were conducted on the 24th, 25th & 26th of March 2011. The centenary celebrations were inaugurated by Hon’ble Justice K.S. Radhakrishnan, Judge Supreme Court. Hon’ble Justice Mr. Pius C. Kuriakose was also present on 24th along with the Advocate General Shri.Sudhakara Prasad and others. On the 25th a law lecture was held where Former Advocate General Shri. M.K. Damodaran introduced the subject and the main speech was rendered by Sr. Advocate Mathai Paikaday. The public function was held on 26th where the Hon’ble Union Minister Shri. Vayalar Ravi was the chief guest. Shri. S. Sharma, Hon’ble minister for Fisheries were also presented along with M.M.Monayee MLA, Sebastian Paul ex M.P. On 26the we also honoured the Padmashree Awardee Shri. Peruvanam Kuttam Marar the renowned Panchari Melam Specialist. This was followed by a scintillating performance of Panchari Melam by Peruvanam Kuttan Marar and company and culminated by the Mimicry by “Cochin Jockers”. The Ernakulam Bar Association also released a member’s directory on the 24th of March 2011 apart from inaugurating the official website of the Ernakulam Bar Association. On the final day ie. On 26th , Hon’ble Union Minister Shri.Vayalar Ravi released the centenary souvenir of the Ernakulam Bar Association.