The Inauguration of the
Renovated Building of the Ernakulam Bar Association

It was the long cherished dream of the Ernakulam Bar Association members to renovate the dilapidated building which was more than 80 years old and seriously lacking in basic infrastructure.

During the tenure of the 2009- 11 executive committee it was decided to start the renovation and accordingly the said committee started the renovation in the year 2011 along with the centenary celebrations.

Initially the funds were raised by conducting a lucky dip competition. Then by individual contributions from the lawyers.

We cannot forget the huge contribution by Sr. Adv. K.K Venugopal ( Supreme Court) of a sum of Rs.15 lakhs initially and then another contribution of Rs.11 lakhs which gave a huge boost to the renovation process.

We are also thankful to Adv. A K Seshadri who contributed a sum of Rs.5 lakhs towards the cost of renovation .

As part of the centenary celebrations, we also published a centenary souvenir whereby more than Rs.2 lakhs were collected by way of advertisements.

Ultimately during the tenure of the 2011- 2013 executive committee, the renovated building was inaugurated by the Hon’ble Chief Justice Madam Manjula Chellur on 12-12-12. The hall on the 1st floor was also named after Law Krishna Iyer the esteemed father of Adv. A.K Seshadri .

In view of the Himalayan contribution of Rs.26 lakhs by Sr. Adv. K.K Venugopal towards the renovation, the renovated building was named after Shri. M.K Nambyar the esteemed father of Sr. Adv. K.K Venugopal.

Now the Ernakulam Bar Association can proudly state that we have the best infrastructure amongst all the advocate associations in Kerala.