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The Ernakulam Bar Association 1910 to 2013

The Ernakulam Bar Association was formed on 16.07.1910 (32.12.1085ME) and it is memorandum of association and byelaws were registered on 19.07.1913 (04.12.1088 ME) . It started functioning at the Rama Varma Union Club now know as Rama Varma Club. The present premises having an area of 83.5 cents was given as grant by the government of His Highness Shri.Rama Varma, the King of Kochi State represented by the Diwan Peishkar. This was in recognition of the high caliber of its members. Ernakulam Bar Association having its own premises. Many reputed and renowned officers of the Cochin Judicial Services belonged to the Ernakulam Bar Association during Yester years. Shri. T.S.Narayanan Iyer , P.I.Varghese, Karimpat Achutha Menon, T.A.Anatarama Iyer, T.M.Krishnana Menon, K.P.Kannan Nair, Komattil Achutha Menon, V.D.Ouseph, Neelakanda Menon, Thamas Manjooran etc. were judges of the Cochin Chief Court.

After the formation of the Traavncor – Cochin High Court, members like P.K.Subramonia Iyer, P.D.Nanda Menon, P.Govinda Menon were elevated as Judges of the Travancore- Cochin High Court.

After the formation of the High Court, many of our members have elevated to the bench. To cite a few Shri. M.S.Menon, K.T.Koshy, Kum. P.Janaki Amma, T.Chandrashekara Menon became judges of Kerla High Court. Now Justice Pius C. Kuriakose, Justice P.S.Gopinathan, Justice Joseph Francis, Justice Ramachandra Menon, Justice Abdul Rahim , Justice Surendra Mohan, Justice Ravikumar who were members of Ernakulam Bar Association are sitting judges of the Kerala High Court.

Renovated Building of the Bar Association

It was the long cherished dream of the Ernakulam Bar Association members to renovate the dilapidated building which was more than 80 years old and seriously lacking in basic infrastructure.

During the tenure of the 2009- 11 executive committee it was decided to start the renovation and accordingly the said committee started the renovation in the year 2011 along with the centenary celebrations.

Initially the funds were raised by conducting a lucky dip competition. Then by individual contributions from the lawyers. Read More >>